Ooh La La!

Pay for Ooh La La 2018

Thank you for signing up for Ooh La La 2018!

To complete your registration please mail us a cheque for your registration fee.

We are excited to announce that in 2017, we created a new non-profit organization in Québec called Tradicaux! Our vision for Tradicaux is multifaceted, and a key purpose for the creation of this organization is to have it officially back the production of Ooh La La Dance Weekend. In addition to this, we are aspiring to expand on the events and learning opportunities we can offer enthusiasts of traditional music and dance in the future. To learn more about Tradicaux, click here.

Your registration cheques can now be made out to Tradicaux!

If paying the CAD rate of 210$,
please mail your cheque to this address:

à l’attention de Marjolène Forest
5492 Av Bourbonnière
Montréal QC H1X 2N2

If paying the USD rate of $170,
please mail your cheque to this address:

c/o Mary Wesley
73 Lakeview Terrace
Burlington, VT 05401

You can expect an email confirmation from our registrar within about 7 days of mailing your cheque.

**Please note – our registrars are traveling over the next month! Mary (receiving US checks) is away from 2/11 – 2/27 and Marjo (receiving CAD cheques) is away from 2/28 – 3/18. As a result, please know that your confirmation email may be slightly delayed.**

We will hold your spot for 10 days after you submit your registration form; if we haven’t received payment by then we cannot guarantee your spot! Please mail it asap after completing your online registration form!

If you are applying to be a volunteer, please pay the volunteer rate of 105$ CAD or $85 USD.  We will hope to be able to assign you a volunteer slot, but once all volunteer slots are filled we will offer you a regular spot and ask you to pay the difference.  You are not confirmed as a volunteer until you hear from our volunteer manager, Mary Wesley.

Any questions?  Please check in with us at: oohlaladance@gmail.com

See you in July!